note from pastor shane

It is hard for me to believe that it has been almost 10 years since MVF Church began. In many

ways it has gone by so fast and yet we also believe that this is just the beginning. We believe

God’s work has just begun at MVF Church and it is our prayer that He will continue to use us

in powerful ways for generations to come. In order for this to happen we need to continue

to take steps of faith forward to make a greater impact on the families and neighborhoods

within Heber, Kamas, throughout Utah and the world.

We believe God has some bold steps for us to take in the near future. As we see Heber

and the surrounding areas growing, we are unable to facilitate the growth of new people

that God is bringing through our doors. We need to expand the facility in order to minister

to these people and we believe that God will honor these bold steps. We believe that if we

continue faithfully pursuing His call that we will see more people giving their life to Christ

and growing in their journey with Him. But that’s not all. We have seen God bless our Kamas

campus as well. We are excited about the great work that is happening there, and we believe

God has called us to continue to reach out to other communities throughout the Wasatch

Back and beyond. This expansion will better enable us to train up and send out the leaders

we need to continue stepping out into the mission field in which God has called us.

Expanding our facility and answering the call to go into all of Utah and preach the gospel are

big faith steps. These steps can only be accomplished if we all prayerfully seek God’s direction

and work together. It is my prayer that you will join me in prayerfully asking God what He is

asking of you in these steps of faith. Together, let’s submit ourselves to Him to see how He

calls us to generosity and sacrifice. Let’s work together and see God do something bigger

than any of us to produce fruit far beyond what we could ever imagine.

giving all to love all

MVF Church is all about giving all to love all – everything we do extends

from this. We love God and people, period. 

Each week, people are finding their way to MVF Church, discovering a growing, vibrant church, and becoming a part of a revolution of hope – a hope they want to share with their families, friends, and

neighbors. But we have a challenge. We need more space to accommodate the growth

and reach the next generation of Jesus followers. We need to establish new Christ-centered,

grace-based campuses across Utah to reach those who are far from God. We

need to partner more with our friends in Honduras and elsewhere to spread the Gospel

throughout the world. In order to bring the love of Jesus to our hurting world, we need

to be willing to give all to love all – here, there, and beyond.

we need leaders

We need leaders and partners to step forward and continue the task of turning

ordinary people into extraordinary Christ-followers. Are you intentional about

growing in Christlikeness, involved in ministering the Gospel, invested in furthering

God’s kingdom, and inviting of those who need the love of Jesus? This project

will require all who call MVF Church their church family to stand together as

one to put “others first,” recognizing that our generosity and sacrifice are simply a

response to Jesus’ transforming love at work in our own lives.

grace of giving

Everyone who calls MVF Church

his or her church home has unique gifts,

talents, abilities, and resources to contribute.

As we are called to live generously, God is

asking each one of us to give proportionally to

the vision of MVF Church. Please prayerfully

consider what God is asking of you.


MVF Church has a strong foundation built on faith and generosity.

We have been a church that is committed to going beyond the four walls of our

building and reaching people for Christ. We have made a tremendous impact on

our community, providing a welcoming atmosphere for worship, fellowship, and

life-changing Bible teaching that builds strong families, mends marriages, and

brings hope to the hurting. While our history is encouraging, our future is exciting.

The opportunities for impact are limitless. Today, all of us need to prayerfully

commit both to MVF Church’s future and our mission to reach the world with

Christ’s love. We are asking each person who calls MVF Church his or her home

to pray this prayer…

“Jesus, please give me your heart for people who don’t know you yet. Open my

heart to courageously do whatever it takes to show them your transforming love.

Open my hands to a lifestyle of giving that reflects your heart and brings hope to

the world.”

frequently asked questions

Will this result in additional debt?

We expect that there will be additional debt accrued due to the building project;

however, even with the projected additional debt, we are well within healthy

expense ratios based on 2017’s budget (assuming no further growth). Our goal is to

raise as much money as we can through a God-honoring three-year vision campaign

that will enable us to continue to pursue God’s vision for this church, while minimizing

the additional debt accrued.

Is the building really too small for our current needs?

Although we have added an additional service on Sunday to accommodate the

growth in our worship center, our children’s ministry and parking lot are currently

too small for who we are today and this will also limit further growth.

How will we utilize the existing building?

We are planning to convert the existing building entirely into an area for our children’s

ministry. This will enable us to have additional classroom space for our kids,

as well as provide a layer of security by limiting traffic to the children’s area.

Who is guiding this process and making the decisions?

Our Board of Shepherds, alongside the help of expert advisors, inside and outside

the church, have researched the key items of our vision campaign. This group of

individuals prayerfully seeks God’s direction for this project and beyond.

How will the construction of a new building help us reach more people?

Although Mountain View has a long-held value for raising up families in Christ, our

current building does not reflect this value! Our children’s area is not designed for

classroom teaching specific to the different age groups. The new building will help

provide purpose built for the next generation. By utilizing the existing building

completely for children’s ministry, we will be able to add additional classroom space

to allow us to reach new families and the next generation with the hope of Jesus.

The new structure will allow us to accommodate the significant amount of growth

we are seeing, allowing us to expand our community integration and outreach


What is the timing of the project?

Our desire is to break ground on the new building by the end of this summer, with

the intent to have a functional facility by summer of 2019. We will continue to research

how to best accomplish this goal with the guidance of our expert advisors.

Why now?

Our church leadership has spent the last several years prayerfully seeking God’s

direction and leading on what is next for Mountain View. We believe that this congregation

is ready to move forward and to give all to love all in an effort to share the

love of Christ to the Wasatch Back and beyond.

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