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MVF Church is all about giving all to love all - everything we do extends from this. We love God and people, period. Each week, people are finding their way to MVF Church, discovering a growing, vibrant church, and becoming a part of a revolution of hope - a hope they want to share with their families, friends, and neighbors. But we have a challenge. We need more space to accommodate the growth and reach the next generation of Jesus followers. We need to establish new Christ-centered, grace-based campuses across Utah to reach those who are far from God. We need to partner more with our friends in Honduras and elsewhere to spread the Gospel throughout the world. To bring the love of Jesus to our hurting world, we need to be willing to give all to love all - here, there, and beyond.

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Honduras Project

Our church family in Honduras has been trusting God during this pandemic that has affected everyone, everywhere. They have expressed their gratitude through Pastor Mario for all the prayers and funds that MVF Church has sent during the last few months to help them in this time of need for the families of Nueva Florida. 

Now, a new challenge has arrived in the form of a powerful Hurricane named Eta. Over the last few days, it has created tropical rains that have hit the area where the church is located, affecting the people that reside nearby.  

The rain produced substantial mudslides that have destroyed roads, food fields, and other important areas of the small village. The worst of this is the destruction and complete loss of the homes of three families that are a part of the community and the church. One of these families left their home just moments before the waters arrived and were able to find safety. 

We are in constant communication with Pastor Mario to make sure that he can provide emergency food and medicine and other essentials to these families and any others as needed.  

We would like to continue our support as they clean up and the rebuilding begins for our Honduras Church families, especially for the three families that have lost it all. If you would like to donate towards this effort, please use the link below to help accomplish the goal of rebuilding the homes for the families. We would also like to continue supporting them with enough funds for food and medicine during the coming weeks, and potentially even months. 

We also ask you to continue your prayers for our Honduras family. We thank you in advance for the efforts to bring hope to those who have been affected by the hurricane.