Join us online, at the Heber campus for our backyard service, or for one of our in-person services at the Gateway and Kamas campus!

Hello Church family

Wow! What a great turn out we had for our evening service on the lawn in Heber yesterday. Over 120 people came out to our Heber campus for a fun and exciting evening of food, fellowship, worship, and teaching. We were even able to have a kids program! It was so exciting to see the kids having fun together with worshiping and learning. With the large space we have outside it was easy for people to practice social distancing and still be able to worship together. I hope you and your family will plan on joining us this week if you are in the area.

This Sunday we will also be celebrating communion together. What a great way to commemorate our opportunity to gather again. It has been months since many of you have had the opportunity to take communion with other believers so I hope you will join us if you can. Not to worry though, if you are joining us online we will be taking communion in the online service as well so prepare by having some elements in your home so you can join us.

Whatever your situation please know that your leaders at MVF Church are praying for you. I want to encourage you to make an effort to find some way to fellowship, encourage, uplift, and sharpen each other. I have seen people be very creative in finding ways to have fellowship during this time. From meeting in parks to conference calls, Zoom meetings, gathering with 1-2 families they are comfortable with to pray, worship, share, and learn. Now more than ever God's people need to be sharpening one another.

In Christ,
Pastor Shane

What's going on this week?




MVF Church and the coronavirus

We recognize that for many the Coronavirus is a great concern, and this may keep some from participating in regular fellowship and community with the church. We want to assure you that we want to be sensitive to your concerns. Starting this week, we will be hosting our services online only until we have a better understanding of what the future holds. We recognize that this is a real concern and we want to do all that we can to ensure everyone can continue to be filled with encouragement and hope in the midst of scary times. To see our full statement click on the link below.