What can I expect on a Sunday morning?

A casual atmosphere. A come as you are environment where you can be yourself. Sound biblical teaching with practical application. Contemporary praise and worship music. To meet with God! 

So relax, you are in a safe place with people who are glad that you are here. 

Is MVF Church part of a denomination?

Yes! MVF Church is proud to be apart of the Evangelical Free Church of America. 

Click here for more information about the EFCA. 

What exactly is a “campus”?

MVF Church is one church with two locations, Heber Valley and Kamas Valley. A campus is our way of signifying that MVF Church meets at two different locations, but is still one church in mission and vision. Both campuses are equipped with live teaching, live worship and living community. 

Do I need to bring a Bible?

We recommend that you bring a Bible if you have one. We definitely use our Bibles each Sunday. It's ok if you don't know how to find the different books in the Bible. It can be confusing. We put tools on the screen that help you find your place. If you do not have a Bible, we have plenty available for use. Please feel free to take one home with you. There's no need to ask! 

How can I get connected?

Check out our Connect section by clicking here

What do the children do on Sunday?

Our children have their very own time of worship each Sunday. We have a full program for every age group including nursery, toddler, preschool, elementary, and 5th & 6th graders. When you come in, just simply ask one of our greeters and they will gladly show you where to take your children. Our teachers and leaders would love to meet you, so take a minute to introduce yourself before you drop off your kids. Also, for the safety of your children, we have a check-in and check-out process. The program for the kids is filled with interactive activities, including songs, videos, arts and crafts, games, prizes, and teaching about God and His Word. For more info regarding our children's ministry, click here to email our children's

director, Michelle Burchardt. You can also visit our children's church page by clicking here

How does your church handle communion?

Communion is an important part of a Christian's worship experience, and is a regular part of our worship. It is when we pass out a form of bread and grape juice and take it as a group. We take communion as a church family once a month. This might seem odd if you are new to church, but it is a time when we take a few moments to remember the unprecedented act of sacrifice that Jesus paid for us on the cross. The bread represents His body broken on the cross, while the juice represents the blood He shed for us. In the Bible, Jesus instructed His disciples to do this as a way to remember Him. 

It is a humbling time for a believer as we reflect on how much He loves us. 

What happens if I miss a sermon or want to check you out before I attend?

You can listen to either our current sermon series or our past sermons online on our messages page. 

 What does MVF Church teach about baptism?

Baptism is one of the most fundamental aspects of the Christian faith. Since the beginning days of the early church, Christians have been practicing the act of baptism. Although it has taken on different forms, and some even debate about the meaning a little, they still agree that people who claim to follow Jesus should be baptized. You may have heard us talking about baptism at church. If you grew up in a church, you may have many differing views on baptism. If you weren’t raised in church, you may be wondering what in the world we are talking about. 

For these reasons, we have available for you a pamphlet entitled "What About Baptism" which explains the Biblical view of baptism. Click this link: Baptism_Brochure.docx to download our baptism pamphlet.