Discipleship groups

Discipleship Groups are designed to help us grow deeper in our faith along side other believers. The groups will model Jesus' interactions with his disciples, growing in faith in the context of relationship. In contrast to our community groups, this will require a high level of commitment and is separated by gender to allow for vulnerable discussions and privacy. For more information about getting involved in a group contact Ashley Sheleretis @ asheleretis@mvfchurch.com.


By the time each group is done meeting, each participant should know and/or be in the practice of:

  • The gospel and be able to explain it.
  • Pursuing God daily.

Spiritual Transformation is a slow cooking process – not immediate. Yesterday’s spiritual food will not sustain us today. We need to seek Him daily. Spending time in prayer and reading His word regularly.

  • The focus is on constant growth and transformation.

The goal is not just the accumulation of knowledge, but rather a changed life style. Not just information, but transformation