Thank you so much for taking the time to read this message. I encourage you to check out the "Are You In?" booklet, so that you can learn about what God is doing through MVF Church, and see the opportunities God has given us to reach the Wasatch Back and beyond.

"Are You In?" is a 3-year vision campaign that will not only allow us to reach more people in the Wasatch Back, but also raise up the next generation of leaders to carry on the vision we feel God has given us as a church. We know that increasing our capacity at the Heber campus is the first step in allowing us to fulfill the long-term vision to give all to love all. 

In this book, we will share the vision of MVF Church over the next several years and how this allows us to accomplish that vision. We desire to be God’s ambassadors, spreading the hope of the Gospel throughout Utah and beyond.

It is my prayer that you will join me in prayerfully asking God what He is asking of you in these steps of faith.

"are you in?" Interviews

How can we be intentional in our faith and in our relationship with others? 

We want to help people understand that Spiritual Capital is the most valuable of all our capital and to experience life to the fullest we need to learn to invest our capital for the highest return.