Current series

Our current series: "Best Seller" will go from 9/7/17 - 10/4/17. 

When it comes to the Bible, do you ever wonder what all the fuss is about? In this series, we'll unpack what the big deal is as we discover that the Bible can be a useful and powerful tool that impacts our lives today. 

Parents, you can download the Parent Cue by clicking here

Upcoming series

Our next series, "Stuck" will start on 10/8/17 and go thru 10/25/17. 

In this series, we'll discover that God's heart for us is to live free from the things that keep us stuck. We'll see that God has the power to get us unstuck and move us forward in the story He's writing for our lives. 

Parents, you can download the Parent Cue for this series by clicking here.