current series - 4.11.18 - 4.25.18

We all have a tendency to judge and hate on others, but we often make those calls without all the facts. In other words, we can’t see the big picture. If we could, it’d probably be a lot easier to move from hating to understanding. Maybe that’s why the Bible makes it clear that when it comes to judgment, that call is God’s to make."

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Upcoming Series - 5.2.18 - 5.16.18

"As followers of Jesus, we’re part of a movement that began thousands of years ago—a movement that’s still alive today! It’s called the church. In this 3 week series, we’ll explore exactly how the early church began this movement. As we do, we’ll discover that, like them, we can move forward further and faster when we’re following Jesus together."

Parents, you can download the Parent Cue by clicking here.